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Entry #6


2008-06-21 20:23:00 by GeraldMcDouglas



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2008-06-24 00:18:17

"I just moved to the U.S from Ireland and since I inherited roughly $37,000,000 USD from my great uncle, I don't have to work. My friend Isaac told me about how great the internet was in America so I decided to join Newgrounds and have some fun."

Lucky seems to me that there is no real difference between the internet in the US and Ireland per se. ;D I would say that it is a lot better to allocate your fortune to America since it would be better to invest it there. If I were you, I would take it and hire some financial professionals so that they can invest into some viable businesses (be careful about being scammed, make sure to have a diverse profile and don't throw all of your money out; put some of it into a savings account).

Regardless, I greatly appreciate that you are the first commenter on my blog and also you have the same affinity for the KK that I do. I hope I have a new friend, since it seems to be difficult to find some brains on this website.

I will submit some awesome material to the portal in the future and it will rock!


2008-07-30 16:20:20

wats with the sarcasm dude i dont even know you at all


2008-07-30 16:20:42

oh and i dont need to know about your maasterbation at all